Ingagi Park View Lodge – Kinigi, Musanze – Rwanda
Price from $350 Night

Bed: Twin double bed
Occupancy: 2 adult
Size: Approximately 807 Sq. feet
Bathroom: Shower bath


Cozy room with total tranquility. Can accommodate a maximum 2 people with a child.

The rooms are equipped with a mini bar and a tea/coffee station.

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  • Room Amenities
  • Free WIFI
  • Free Breakfast
  • Hot/Cold Shower & Bathtub
  • Writing Desk & Chair
  • 2 pair of slippers
  • Bottled Mineral Water
The name Agashya is also the most popular family with previously 42 members before the split. Well known for being the group studied by Diana Fossey during her time in Rwanda from 1967 to 1985. In 2008 the group of 42 individuals split into 2 as it had become so large. The breakaway group was later known as Susa B OR Karisimbi group. Susa A group is well known for its playful twins of byishimo & impano and was named after Susa River that drains through their home range. The group is composed of 33 members including 2 silverbacks and inhabits the forests on the lower slopes of Mount Karisimbi. This is sometimes referred to as Susa B and is the group which slip from the original Susa in 2008. It is made up of 16 members including 2 silverbacks. The group is the hardest to track as it inhabits the upper slopes of Mt Karisimbi at an altitude of 4507m. The group has established their home high in the upper slopes and is suitable for trackers interested in serious hiking. Tracking this group is sometimes difficult as they go high through RDB rangers will first locate the group a day before.

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