Family Lodging-Volcanoes National Park | Ingagi Park View lodge

Ingagi Park View lodge is Private Rwandan owned facility located on a panoramic angle of the five peaks of the Virunga Volcanoes in northern Rwanda.

Ingagi park view lodge

We are Rwanda owned and we highly appreciate the work done by the local community for their initiative support to bring up this premise to operational.

Born in the adjacent village, Herbert GATO is our site manager and of course one of the share holder. He lived on the land of these massif high mountains of the Virungas for several years, and has supervised all the work involved in building the lodge. He also plants and maintains the gardens, and provides an essential link to the local village. The local community is an integral part of our project and as one of our main objectives to insure the locals benefit from this Lodge.

That is why you will find the 70% of the workers at the Lodge are the neighborhood community, the crafts cooperatives operating at the Gifts shop and the gardeners in the organic field.

Our staffs are friendly and helpful, well skilled and always eager to provide the best quality service to our guests. All we ask from you is that you respect the wildlife environment around you and thoroughly enjoy your time staying with us.

Discover Ingagi Park View Lodge

This unique style of Eco lodge is placed on a strategic landscape in the foothills of the Mount Bisoke and Karisimbi, one of the volcanic mountains that make up the Virunga Massif.